Anti-poison Equipament

In this section we will talk about items related with the antipoison suit.

This trunk was designed to store Antipoison parts. Here's the translation of the marks:

  1. Anti-poison clothing (防毒被服) 
  2. Repair tools (修理工具) 
  3. Family name, Yoshinaga (吉永) 
  4. Showa 18 Osaka Depot. The vertical square is the manufacturer and the oval stamp is inspector.


    In the inside it had a paper with the instructions and parts. Also it has some straps to prevent the articles from moving.

    This is a japanese decontamination kit used by japanese troops:

    '' 目 折 一 第 'Order fold one third' 
    目 折 二 第 'Folding the first two Order' ''
    Next pics are the instructions to fold it correctly. First, second and third steps to do it:
    • Under the 1 and 2 numbers, there are the instruction: “外折目” basically meaning “Outer Crease”. Under it, there is the instruction “形(?) 折微”which could mean “Shape Folding Fine”

    • 3 “内折目”, means 'Inner fold':

    I have a second Decontamination kit:

    This bag was designed to carry on with the antipoison suit. On it we can read: ''Type 96 Supplu Anti-Poison equipament. Kyoto. Showa 13 (1938) ,,Fu,, ''
    And a detail of the marks on it:

    This one is my other Suit's bag, It's a little bit dry at the front, but in general is in good conditions:

    Upper part of the antipoison suit, it is in good conditions and still wearable:

    This ones are part of the type96 antipoison suit. It's in great conditions and still elastic:

    They have a pocket in the right side:

    And the factory's marks inside:

    It has double straps in the low part of the leg to ensure the protection:

    I have a second pair of trousers in worse conditons:

    This gloves, as the trousers, form part of the type96 antipoison suit. Both are in great conditions and full elastics:

    Both has the same factory's marks as the trousers:

    They share a rope that looks like the one used in the decon kits:

    It is a hood used on a Antipoison suit. This one has its bag and both are in great conditions.