Other Masks

In this section I'll show other masks that aren't japanese from WW2.

AFM34 Gas Mask:
The A.F.M. 34(Appareil Filtrant Marine 34)  is a rare French Navy mask that was issued with a special helmet designed specifically for use with the A.F.M. 34. The front of the face piece of the mask was made from solid painted metal, with sides composed of a canvas material similar the A.N.P. T 31. The filter canister was connected to a corrugated rubber tube that was attached to the metal face piece between the eyes. The filter canister was then suspended behind the head via a metal clip that protruded through a hole in the back of the helmet. The metal clip was attached to the mask's head harness and was not part of the helmet itself. This design was most likely intended to make it easier and less cumbersome to wear aboard ships, were close quarters and confined spaces were abundant. The A.F.M. 34 was also sold commercially, where it was designated the Appareil L.M.B..
(Info from Bart Wilkus)
The collection has got two of the normal ones, one with helmet and a third brown version. This brown version may has been used as an experimental army version, not much information has been seen about this one.

IDA-59 Rebreather and Scape Suit:
The device IDA-59 was accepted on arms in 1960. It is intended for use by crews of submarines as for realization of simple diving works as well as for rescue in emergencies. In the latter case device allows to carry out(spend) stops for decompression due to an opportunity of change of a gas mix. The device consists from tank in capacity 1 litre with a mix heliox under pressure 250 bar. And one more of tank containing oxygen, box of an absorber, respiratory bag, oxygen device of submission of gas. At rise on a surface the respiratory bag is inflated and is used as a saving waistcoat. With the help of this device the crews of submarines left from depths up to 300 meters.
(Info from TheRebreatherSite)

It is in good conditions and complete with both bags (Rebreather's bag and Escape Suit's bag). This one was may used in the polish navy in its communist era.
(Sexy pose)
Both bags. The one of the left belongs to the suit and the black one belongs to the rebreather, it has a harder material:

Siebe Gorman ''Proto'' Rebather facepiece:
This mask was used with the ''Proto'' rebreather and designed in the early 30's and made by the british company Siebe Gorman:

Soviet WW2 mask:
The main reason I decided to adquire this one was this photograph where we can see japanese soldiers in manchuria with captured soviet items after their victory:

Model F and Model G: