In this section we will talk about the documents related with the japanese chemical warfare in ww2.

Japanese Rebreather:
The next photos are about the japanese rebreather in use, it may can be made by  Draeger/Auer. Really hard to find those masks nowadays:

In the next pics we can see three images: 

1. First from left: It is a postcard where we can see 5 model of gas masks used on WW2 by the japanese. A rebreather, an army model 95 or 99, a Type A model 1 civilian version with short filter, dog gas mask and horse gas mask.
2. Middle: It is a photo of a US soldier with a captured japanese gas mask.
3. First from right: It is a moder reprint of a photo about a japanese soldier holding the japanese flag. He is wearing the model 99.

Photo of a japanese soldier in a Anti-Poison training with the full equipment. Special thanks to Jareth H. for this photograph:

Postcard: it is a postcard about the gas trainning, they say:
-Front Guy: We are fine againts gas about the gas masks. 
-Back Guy: We look like a monster squad.

Really Rare Postcard:
I had never seen this model. It is maybe the first japanese gas mask ever made. Thanks to the uniform, we know it is from the 20's. The masks seems to be a version of the ones used in the first world war. 
On 30’s a japanese snack company (MORINAGA) gave some presents with their snacks. One of those presents was this mask. It’s an interesting way to introduce kids into militaria world and a way to teach kids how act in gas attack. At least, in the showdown they would be ”mentally” prepared to act in a gas attack.

apanese Chemical Warfare Manual from the 30's. It has 240 pages about the japanese chemical warfare:
"A Chemical Weapons knowledge explanation/theory":
It has some drawings about the weapons, protections, projectiles and other interesting things:
Also, it is signed by the first owner ''H. Shima'':

It is a navy antiposion protection book, tittled as ''Naval instruction for gas-protection, 4th class''. Published by Naval bureau of education. The back is signed by the owner with his last name ''Fukuda''.
                                             Front                                                           Back

And a detail of a sailor carring the navy mask properly:

Industrial catalogue made by a japanese company in what I believe is the early 30's.
Inside it has a lot of photos and information about industrial protections:


This manuals have got the name of the owner of them, They are three different manuals:
: Regular troop use.
- 二: Squad leader and gas troop use.
: Gas Service Personel use.