Thursday, November 26, 2015

New Unknown Gas Mask!

Here we have what I think it is a kind of prototype/experimental/reduce production/ high voltage piece gas mask.

We dont have information about any model like this one. I have the theory that it is a japanese gas mask. Let's present the mask:
It actually looks like the british civilian model from WW2, but the big differents are:
-The filter is shaped as a japanese filter.
-It has two exhale valves in each side of the mask.
-And the rubber is quite more strong as the british mask.

Now we will check the filter:
As I said before, it really remember us the shape of japanese filters from WW2. The ''32'' is one of the very little marks it has.
The inside of this mask is quite interesting. It has a kind of diffuser of the entrance of air attached by snaps buttons.

And here we have a close shot of those snaps buttons, any information about them will be quite appreciated:

If we remove this kind of diffuser, we can see the filter, that really remember us the inside of the type 17 civilian gas mask:

I would consider this mask as a late war prototype of the civilian gas masks.

Thursday, September 17, 2015

Imperial Japanese Navy Radio Operator Gas Mask

Imperial Japanese Navy Radio Operator Gas Mask:

Also knows like Type 97 No.1 Mk.2. Special gas mask designed for radio operator or officers who needed that diaphragm to comunicate and give orders. It is very similar to the other versions, the main difference is the diaphragm at the front and the exhale valve at the side.

The filter is carried with an harness. It is the only filter I have that has this kind of harness.

The bag says: Type97 No.1 Mk.2. This mask's bag is much smaller than the other navy mask's bags:

It came with accesories: a golden box with exhale valve and diaphragm replacements, a cloth and a tube that actually I dont know the designation.

The box is metalic and It doesnt seems to be for gas masks. It has stamped the symbol of ''Daimaru Department Store''.

Monday, September 14, 2015

Type B firefighter hood!

Type B Firefighter Hood:
This quite rare hood was used specially by firefighters. The guy in the box's photo is wearing a sash that says: ''Fire prevention leader'':

This is the hood. The conditions are great, as you can see by the photos:

Sides of the hood:
It also has a cap on the filter with a note, it means: ''Take off cover off filter when going to use''

It has a stamp inside, what means: ''Aikoku scientific company''

The box is in good shape, on it we can read:
  • Patriotic Gas Mask
  • Patent approved by goverment
  • Patent approbed by Manchukuo goverment.
  • Patriotic science

In one of the box's sides we can find this, it is a period of use chart:

Also, I was a bit surprised, it came with a carry bag. At first look, I thought it didnt belong to this mask, but looking closer I found a stamp on it with the same logo the box has:

Carry Bag:

Details of the locker and stamp/logo:

Monday, August 31, 2015

Second Chinese gas mask!

I have found a second chinese gas mask, in better conditions, with stamps and diferent factory's mark.
This one has other factory's mark in the exhale valve. It seems to be a guy playing the flute:
This one has, as well, the tag of "arrow & gear" is the symbol of Chinese Arsenal (Republic of China):
This one is dated: 1 - September - 1939:
This one has this mark that means ''Security'' or ''Protector'' (The translation is not sure)

Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Gas Mask Type 87

I would date this mask on late 20's/early 30's. It is a very early japanese army gas mask. This model seems to be a version of the US A.T. gas mask. As in other japanese masks, this one have rubberized fabric facepiece. It has internat Tissot tubes like in the US A.T. mask. 

The conditions of this one is quite good, still elastic and the hose as well. The filter of this one is quite interesting as well.

Here we can see this mask in use with the Type95:

Thursday, May 7, 2015

Antipoison Suit

Recently I got a "Casein type" light protective clothing, also named type96 antiposion suit. Consists of trousers, gloves, and a carrier pouch. All items are made of casein-coated, rubberized silk.
All storaged in the carrier pouch, it is a little bit dry, but still keeping its form:

These are the trousers. They are full elastic and in really good conditions:

It has a pocket in the right leg for the decon kit. Also, inside we can see the factory's stamp.

The gloves are in remarkable conditions. Both of them, like with the trousers, have the factory's stamp inside. One of them is attached with the same kind of strap as the decon kit has.

Sunday, May 3, 2015

Chinese gas mask

Chinese Gas Mask:

As far I know this is the only example I know about a chinese gas mask used in the sino japanese war. China used exported gas masks that were made in europe. Those models have got the marks from the european factories, but this one has marks in the rubber and exhale valve from the chinese factory, named CHICO.

I arrived the conclusion it is a chinese gas mask made in the late 30's. It looks like the czech FM3-d made by Fatra, but this one, guiding myself by factory's marks in the rubber and exhale valve and some other differences, I would be sure to confirm it was made in China by a company named Chico. I would catalog it is as an version without license.

This one is the only example that proves they made gas masks, in low quantities due of the shortage of surviving examples. Another interesting fact is that it was captured by the japanese Army and reused by them, the filter has been covered with japanese instructions and with the slogan: Greater East Asia War Victory Gas Mask. Prior to 7-December-1941, the fracus in China was eeferred to as an "incident" and not a war. Today it still referred as an incident in Japan.
 The tag of "arrow & gear" is the symbol of Chinese Arsenal (Republic of China):
Detail of the factory's mark in the exhale valve:
Inhale/exhale valves:
The filter is marked by the company CHICO as well, it has a rubber protection piece. Also, as I mentioned before, it has instructions in japanese on it.
In the instructions we can read the slogan: ''Greater East Asia War Victory Gas Mask''. Also it is marked Showa18 (1943):
There's a phrase in the filter's rubber cover, something like Chico Insturstry Co.
The harness use springs instead of elastic straps as the FM3-d uses:

There's some photos about chinese troops using exported gas masks:
This ones seems to be exported german models:

 This other seems to be exported belgian models: