Thursday, September 17, 2015

Imperial Japanese Navy Radio Operator Gas Mask

Imperial Japanese Navy Radio Operator Gas Mask:

Also knows like Type 97 No.1 Mk.2. Special gas mask designed for radio operator or officers who needed that diaphragm to comunicate and give orders. It is very similar to the other versions, the main difference is the diaphragm at the front and the exhale valve at the side.

The filter is carried with an harness. It is the only filter I have that has this kind of harness.

The bag says: Type97 No.1 Mk.2. This mask's bag is much smaller than the other navy mask's bags:

It came with accesories: a golden box with exhale valve and diaphragm replacements, a cloth and a tube that actually I dont know the designation.

The box is metalic and It doesnt seems to be for gas masks. It has stamped the symbol of ''Daimaru Department Store''.