Navy Masks

In this section I will show you all the info and pics I have about these masks.


Imperial Japanese Navy Radio Operator Gas Mask:

Also knows like Type 97 No.1 Mk.2. Special gas mask designed for radio operator or officers who needed that diaphragm to comunicate and give orders. It is very similar to the other versions, the main difference is the diaphragm at the front and the exhale valve at the side.

The filter is carried with an harness. It is the only filter I have that has this kind of harness.

The bag says: Type97 No.1 Mk.2. This mask's bag is much smaller than the other navy mask's bags:

It came with accesories: a golden box with exhale valve and diaphragm replacements, a cloth and a tube that actually I dont know the designation.

The box is metalic and It doesnt seems to be for gas masks. It has stamped the symbol of ''Daimaru Department Store''.

Another two Radio Operator masks have been added to the collection. Both of them are different as the previous one, having both of them a rubber hose. This one is missing the exhale valve cover and the carrying bag:

This one is the completest in the collection having all the accesories and in great conditions:

Imperial Japanese Navy Gas Masks Model 93 No.2:

Navy gas mask model 93, No. 2. Gray colored facepiece, with aluminum rimmed eyepieces and a tissot tube held by two metal studs. The grey canister is approximately 13cm high, 15cm wide and 8cm thick. An auxiliary canister, approximately 5cm high, can be attached to the base of the main canister to give protection against carbon monoxide. A fabric carrier bag is provided for the facepiece only; the canister is carried on the back held in a fabric harness. Here are the models I have:

-1º: Grey rubber model with bakelite exhale valve cover. It is complete with the filter and bag. It is in amazing condition.

-2º: Grey rubber with metalic valve cover. The mask is in good condition. This one came from JJ's collection (GasMaskLexikon). The 5 point harness doesnt look original. The hose still elastic.

 This is a second model I own of this type:, it is complete with its case, filter, bag, decontamination powder and an antipoison cover:

Imperial Japanese Navy Gas Masks Model 93 No.3:

Navy Model 93, No. 3. The facepiece is identical with No. 2 serie. However, the valve houseing is made of brown plastic(bakelite) or aluminum. The Canister is approximately 13cm high, 15cm wide and 8cm thick. The carrier is a canvas bag tapered toward the bottom which is equiped with 6cm diameter hole. This model can be used with the auxiliary carbon monoxide canister provided for the No. 2 model. Here are the  models I have:
-1º: This one has bakelite exhale valve cover. It is complete with case, filter and bag. All is in very good condition.

A second one is in the collection, This one has the extension for the filter:

-2º: This one is similar to the first mask, but is equiped with metalic valve cover. The mask and hose are very dry and very fragile. It still is a really great piece.

Imperial Japanese Navy Gas Masks Model 97:

Navy Model 97, Black rubber. I don't know the designation of these masks. I guess it is a manufacturer's variaton. I guess that they were on navy because they are marked with the anchor inside. I'm going to show you the masks and describe them for you:

-1º: Black Rubber Navy Mask: This one is in really good condition. It is still elastic and in really great condition. The exhale valve is made of some kind of metal. It has 2 marks inside in the bottom, down the exhale valve (One at right and other at left). Left one is marked with ''1912'' and the right one with a ''10'' under an anchor (Navy Symbol).

-2º: Black Rubber Navy Mask. It is same model than previous one. This one doesn't have the exhale valve cover. It is also in really great conditions, full elastic and perfect to be displayed. About the mark, it is also marked ''1912'' on the left and ''50'' under an anchor (Navy Symbol) on the right.

Imperial Navy Gas Mask Model 98:
Imperial Army Gas Mask Model 98: The filter of this one could be used for 33 hours. It may be an experimental mask as it was designed for navy. Because the navy model was more hard to wear, they needed a mask to wear quickly. Round filters dimensions are 9cm in diameter and 7,5 cm in heigh. Facepiece: 18 cm height, 18 cm width and 5cm diameter of the lenses. Here's a pic of it:

It has similar system inside as the baby mask.

Imperial Japanese Navy Rebreather Case:
This is the original wooden case for a rebreather used in the navy, it even has the original instructions.