Horse Protection

In this section I'll show the part of my collection related with the protection of the horse.

This is the cover for the head of the horse, it is marked as ''Horse-riding gas cover'' and dated on 1939.

Paws Anti-Poison Protectors:
This pieces were designed to protect the paws of the horse against agresive chemicals. It is in good conditons and with its original bag:

Anti-Poison Blanket:
This blanket was used to cover the body of the horse and protect it. It has its orignal carrying bag.

Wooden Trunk:
This trunk was used for the storage of the horse's anti-poison equipment. It is marked in Showa 15 (1940)
Anti-poison Googles
This googles were used to protect the eyes of the horse against gas. They are quite similar as the one used by the germans with their horses.