Tuesday, June 24, 2014

New mask!

Today a new Japanese Gas Mask arrived:

Sanko type 1 / type A. Japanese militar mask for sale. Really rare gas mask. Still being so elastic. It is the copy of the M4 US gas mask. Used on 50's-60's.

It is an interesting gas mask whose designation was as an army mask. It is really difficult to find nowadays. The conditions are pretty good. The rubber still being so elastic. But it has not filter. It has an oral nasal cup inside. And the Mark ''SKK'' ( I dont know the meaning). There's some pics about the inside:

The bag reminds me the ww2 japanese gas mask's bags. They resemble each others. 

An interesting fact. We can see a little ''buttom'' tied in one of the bag's straps. It has something writed on it which means: "Defogging cream, place a small amount of this on to a piece of gauze and wipe on the lens to prevent fogging"

Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Today a new impressive piece arrived

It is a japanese trunk used on ww2 to store NBC suit's spares.


This trunk was designed to store NBC suit parts. There's the translation of the marks:
  1. Anti-poison clothing (防毒被服) 
  2. Repair tools(修理工具).
  3. Family name, Yoshinaga.(吉永)
  4. Showa 18 Osaka Depot The vertical square is the manufacturer and the oval stamp is inspector.


In the inside it had a paper with the instructions and parts. Also it has some ropes to prevent movement of the articles.

I hope you all liked it!

Friday, June 6, 2014

Modell 99 Review!

Some weeks ago a new mask arrived. And as you all see, Im building this page again, slowly I'm adding info and ordering all the masks by sections and saying all what I know about them. But well, now I would like to talk about the Modell 99:
Model 99:
Army gas mask "model 99". Similar in appearance to "model 95", it is fitted with a rubber nosepiece held inside the facepiece by a stud, and has a short canister only about 11cm high.
My model 99 has something interesting inside, a oral nasal cup. It is not usually see this kind of things on japanese gas masks. I think that it can be an experimental model. Any time, any oppinion will be listen. It is marked on Showa17 (1942). 6 points harness. There's all the pics about it!

The inside of the mask, the oral nasal cup:
Some marks inside it:

I hope you all liked the review. Sorry if I forgot anything. Dont run with sissors, eat vegetables and go to school!