Tuesday, June 24, 2014

New mask!

Today a new Japanese Gas Mask arrived:

Sanko type 1 / type A. Japanese militar mask for sale. Really rare gas mask. Still being so elastic. It is the copy of the M4 US gas mask. Used on 50's-60's.

It is an interesting gas mask whose designation was as an army mask. It is really difficult to find nowadays. The conditions are pretty good. The rubber still being so elastic. But it has not filter. It has an oral nasal cup inside. And the Mark ''SKK'' ( I dont know the meaning). There's some pics about the inside:

The bag reminds me the ww2 japanese gas mask's bags. They resemble each others. 

An interesting fact. We can see a little ''buttom'' tied in one of the bag's straps. It has something writed on it which means: "Defogging cream, place a small amount of this on to a piece of gauze and wipe on the lens to prevent fogging"