Friday, June 6, 2014

Modell 99 Review!

Some weeks ago a new mask arrived. And as you all see, Im building this page again, slowly I'm adding info and ordering all the masks by sections and saying all what I know about them. But well, now I would like to talk about the Modell 99:
Model 99:
Army gas mask "model 99". Similar in appearance to "model 95", it is fitted with a rubber nosepiece held inside the facepiece by a stud, and has a short canister only about 11cm high.
My model 99 has something interesting inside, a oral nasal cup. It is not usually see this kind of things on japanese gas masks. I think that it can be an experimental model. Any time, any oppinion will be listen. It is marked on Showa17 (1942). 6 points harness. There's all the pics about it!

The inside of the mask, the oral nasal cup:
Some marks inside it:

I hope you all liked the review. Sorry if I forgot anything. Dont run with sissors, eat vegetables and go to school!