Monday, September 14, 2015

Type B firefighter hood!

Type B Firefighter Hood:
This quite rare hood was used specially by firefighters. The guy in the box's photo is wearing a sash that says: ''Fire prevention leader'':

This is the hood. The conditions are great, as you can see by the photos:

Sides of the hood:
It also has a cap on the filter with a note, it means: ''Take off cover off filter when going to use''

It has a stamp inside, what means: ''Aikoku scientific company''

The box is in good shape, on it we can read:
  • Patriotic Gas Mask
  • Patent approved by goverment
  • Patent approbed by Manchukuo goverment.
  • Patriotic science

In one of the box's sides we can find this, it is a period of use chart:

Also, I was a bit surprised, it came with a carry bag. At first look, I thought it didnt belong to this mask, but looking closer I found a stamp on it with the same logo the box has:

Carry Bag:

Details of the locker and stamp/logo: